Four legs good, two legs bad.

I read Animal farm yesterday. The message is profound and interesting but the book is really really funny. If you haven’t read it you should; its 100 or so pages of great words and scenarios.

The sheep are bloody annoying and chant whenever an animal is about to question the pig’s regime. “Four legs good, two legs bad.” 

I finished the book, time went by, and I was out ‘excercising’. The word excercising is a loose term although I guess walking is moving and moving is good.

Next thing I knew I’d climbed a small fence and sheep were staring back at me. Sheep followed by sheep. They have weird eyes, very strange alien eyes and they’re fucking weird animals.

I’ve just googled ‘Why are sheeps eyes so weird?’ and I’ve got my answer. Sheeps eyes are weird and rectangular because they have an added sense of depth perception, needed to evade predators. I didn’t catch a sheep, not that I’m a predator. When you move they move like water, spreading around and keeping the distance between you and them.

Yesterday I gained a new level of respect for sheep.


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