I guess this is the beginning?

You alright?

Sitting at my desk right now. Not sure how to start this although I’ve already started typing. I’ll leave this bit in. I’ve just clicked onto this tab off of YouTube, absorbed by a video with a shit title (The 4 times Ricky Gervais nailed it!).*

At the end of a fascinating thirteen minutes Ricky Gervais is asked why, as an atheist, he gets up in the morning (a question that comes across better on video), “I think you have to have worth. I think you have to feel in yourself you have worth. Friends, family, a loving relationship, just because we’re human and that’s how we’re built. And for me personally something creative. It doesn’t have to be painting the Sistine chapel; it can be gardening but I think you have to do something and enjoy it and fill your free time and stand back and look and go ‘I did that’. These are all reasons to stay around for as long as you can.”  This is me being creative, welcome.


* It’s more than four times but he does nail it so the titles half shit.


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